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For visually impaired

About us

We launched our aid services in 1993, being the only private enterprise in the field of social services in Estonia – and probably anywhere in the former Soviet Union – at the time.

Business idea or desire to achieve something?

In 1989, the Estonian Union of Persons with Mobility Impairment had an opportunity to collaborate with the Nordic countries. Thanks to experience gained on study trips, we asked how aid-related services could be provided to elderly people and to people with mobility impairments in Estonia.

There was no need to reinvent the wheel – we adapted the experience of Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland to our conditions. With wide-ranging help from our Nordic colleagues in training workers, creating a technical service and supplying aids, we launched services in every Estonian county in collaboration with our colleagues from ITAK’s Tartu service point. And in 1994 we were already able to share our own experience with leaders in the field of social services in Latvia and Lithuania.

If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well

We focus on mobility, nursing and rehabilitation aids, without expanding to products of a different nature. Therefore:

  • we enable a large number of people with mobility impairments to obtain consultation and technical aids from the same place
  • we keep up to date on innovations elsewhere around the world
  • we offer modern, functional products
  • we have competent specialists

Believe and trust

When we see a doctor we trust that they will give us the right diagnosis, the right treatment and the right medication. A similar kind of trust exists with technical aids in terms of obtaining the best and most affordable services.
Invaru’s top priority is offering its clients a safe service. This includes helping you select the right aid and teaching you how to use it, the option of exchanging an aid and the possibility of repairs.

We support our fellow enthusiasts

For years we have supported the Estonian Invasport Union Lately we’ve been helping wheelchair athletes obtain equipment and provided them with technical services.

It’s great that we exist – but it would be even better if we weren’t needed!