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A variety of aids can be rented from Invaru:

  • canes
  • crutches
  • walkers
  • standing frames
  • wheelchairs
  • active wheelchairs
  • commode chairs
  • shower chairs
  • functional beds
  • breast pumps
  • infant scales (baby scales) et al.
  • mobile hoists
  • pedal exercisers


Advantages of renting:

  • customers can return the aid anytime or replace it with a different one if their condition changes
  • we guarantee free spare parts, servicing and repairs

Information about the terms and conditions of rentals can be found here or by asking our customer service staff.


Our experienced customer service staff will advise you on choosing simple technical aids and how to use them (e.g crutches, walkers...).
Our therapists and aid technicians will advise you on more complex technical aids (e.g wheelchairs...).


We offer an aid transport service for a fee. Invaru's mechanics can bring an aid to any place in Estonia that suits you.


Invaru offers clients aid maintenance and repair services. We service and repair all aids that are rented or bought from us. Aids bought from other companies can be serviced and repaired where possible.

You can get more information about all of our services by calling our customer service line on +372 602 5400 or e-mailing info@invaru.ee